Friday, June 22, 2012

Route 66 Sites - Lexington - Staunton, IL

Route 66 Pontiac Illinois Best Western Motel
The view from our 1st floor room in the Best Western Motel.
No fancy accommodations or great views, but the Best Western Motel in Pontiac served just fine as an overnight pit stop.

Route 66 Memorey Lane Lexington Illinois
Memory Lane in Lexington - an original section of Route 66
pavement that has been set aside as a walking trail with
period billboards.
Route 66 Funks Grove Illinois
Took a break from the road at Funk's Grove & bought some
maple sirup! Boofle & Lil Dude Troll relaxing.

Route 66 Funks Grove Store
The wonderful ladies working in the Funk's Grove store.

Route 66 Tall Paul giant muffler man Atlanta Illinois
"Tall Paul," one of the famous giant "muffler men" that were
all over the country at one time. This one, holding a hot
dog, is in Atlanta, Illinois.

Route 66 Atlanta Illinois
Walking around Atlanta and found this guy in front
of a tire shop. Anyone know who he is?
Abraham Lincoln tomb
Not right on Route 66, but a good side-
trip is a visit to Abe Lincoln's tomb.

Abraham Lincoln tomb statue
They say if you rub the nose, you'll have
good luck. Lot's of people have
rubbed his nose.

Route 66 Cozy Dog Drive In Springfield Illinois
The Cozy Drive In, Springfield, Illinois, home to the original
corn dog. A Route 66 institution since 1949.
Route 66 Henry's Rabbit Ranch Staunton Illinois
Old gas station at Henry's Rabbit Ranch
in Staunton, Illinois

Route 66 old neon sign Henry's Rabbit Ranch Staunton Illinois
Henry's Rabbit Ranch is home to rabbits, old neon signs, trucks,

Route 66, buried cars Henry's Rabbit Ranch Staunton Illinois
...half-buried cars!
Collinsville Illinois worlds largest catsup bottle
A good way to end the day is a side trip to Collinsville to
see the world's largest catsup bottle!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On Route 66 - Sites in Illinois

Elvis beside the entrance to Polk-a-Dot

In Braidwood is the famous Polk-a-Dot drive-in. Starting out over 50 years ago as a converted school bus, it still serves up good food to roadies & locals in a great 50's & 60's atmosphere.
Route 66 Polk-a-Dot drive in
Make your selection! 25cents per song. A little
Patty Page anyone? Chubby Checker? Elvis?

In Odell is a restored Standard Sinclair gas station known as the Odell Station. Built in 1932, it served Route 66 travelers for 66 years.

Old gas dispenser at the Odell Station

Route 66 Odell Station, Odell Illinois
Dancing on the mailboxes in the front of the Odell Station

Route 66 1953 Winnebago at the Odell Station in Odell Illinois
Checking out the 1953 Winnebago next to the Odell Station
Route 66 Odell Illinois sign
Just 2,361 miles to go! (Lil Dude Troll
hiding in plain site)

 In Joliet along Route 66 is the Stateville Correctional facility, otherwise known as the Joliet prison. This is where Jake Blues in the movie The Blues Brothers is released at the beginning of the movie.
Route 66 Stateville Correctional Blues Brothers Joliet prison
Lil Dude stopped at the gate - never been in prison
and doesn't want to be! 

Route 66 original road Cayuga Illinois
An original section of the old Route 66 road outside
Cayuga, Illinois

 In Pontiac is the Lincoln County Courthouse, with Abe Lincoln doing nothing but leaning against a fence. Lil Dude couldn't help but be amused by the sign behind Lincoln.
Route 66 Abe Lincoln statue Pontiac Illinois
Just hangin' around with Abe

Except for Abe!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Gemini Giant

Sites along Route 66 in Illinois.

One of the MUST sights to see on a Route 66 road trip is the Gemini Giant at the Launching Pad Drive-in located in Wilmington, Illinois.

Route 66 Gemini Giant
Route 66 Gemini Giant - It's big!

Route 66 Gemini Giant and Troll
Lil Dude Troll is about the size of the giant's big toe

Route 66 table inside Launching Pad
Inside the Launching Pad Drive-in - home of
the Gemini Giant

Route 66 Launch Pad Drive-in and troll
Lil Dude saying Hi to the young lady behind the counter

A little further down Route 66 is Dwight, Illinois with several restored old sites like the Ambler-Beckler Service Station.

Route 66 gas pump in Dwight Illinois with troll
Hanging around at the Ambler-Beckler
Texaco station built in 1932.

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