Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sam Houston's Grave

Lil Dude Troll paying homage to Sam Houston at his grave in Huntsville, TX. A nineteenth-century politician, statesman and soldier, he played a pivotal roll in bringing Texas into the United States. Elected as governor of Tennessee in 1827, he came to Texas and was elected the 1st and 3rd President of the Republic of Texas. After Texas became a state, Houston was elected governor of Texas and became the only person to be elected governor of two different states. He was also the only person to serve as a governor of a state and also a foreign head of state (Republic of Texas).

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pine Breeze Inn, Route 66 & Easy Rider

The former Pine Breeze Inn and Richfield Gas Station
Some of the scenes in the classic movie Easy Rider were filmed on Route 66. One of those places was Bellemont, Arizona and the old Pine Breeze Inn. In the scene, Wyatt (Peter Fonda’s “Captain America” character) and Billy (played by Dennis Hopper) have ridden their motorcycles from Ballarat, California into the night almost to Flagstaff. They stop at the Pine Breeze Inn to get a room, but the proprietor, upon seeing their appearance and motorcycles, shuts the door on them and turns on the neon “NO VACANCY” sign. They are forced to get back on their cycles and head on down the road a bit to camp at some old ruined shacks. 

Lil Dude Troll couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit and pay homage to this historic site in an historic icon film.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beale Street

Beale Street - The Home of the Blues and the
Birthplace of Rock 'n Roll!
Not even a troll can go to Memphis and not take a leisurely stroll on Beale Street!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rendezvous Barbecue - Memphis, TN

It's a little hard to find - in the alley behind 52 S. Second Street in
downtown Memphis.
After Sun Studio and having a good time with the Flying Elvi, Lil Dude Troll had a hankering for some of that world famous barbecue Memphis is famous for. There were a number of choices, but Rendezvous Barbecue was the winner.

And the verdict? Lil Dude says it's a bit pricey and if you grew up on Texas-style BBQ, be prepared for a different taste. The meat was good. The beans were very good. The slaw, not so much. None of the 3 humans at the table ate the slaw after a taste or two. The daddy-human called it "chunky vinegar." All in all, a pretty good meal, but at $12.95 for a sliced-beef plate, plus $2 for a drink, plus tax and a tip, that's about $20 per person when all is said and done and $20 for lunch makes them a bit too proud of their food in Lil Dude's humble opinion. Your opinion may vary.

The restaurant is downstairs in a converted basement.

The converted basement.

Before diving in.

Post diving in. No meat or beans were left over, but plenty of that
yellow slaw remained - must be an acquired taste.