Friday, August 30, 2013

Cotham's - Home Of The Hubcap Burger

With its false front, wooden sidewalk and rusty tin roof, Cotham's
doesn't look like much from the outside.
Cotham's Mercantile in the little town of Scott, Arkansas began life as a general mercantile store in 1917. Serving area farmers and plantation owners, it also served as a military commissary and as a jail for prisoners waiting to be sentenced by a circuit-riding judge.

In 1984, a small eating area was opened serving lunch for people in the community. Word about the quality and quantity of the food being served soon got out and people from Little Rock starting making the drive. It became a gathering spot for politicians like Bill Clinton, George Bush, and many other distinguished and famous folks.

The Hubcap Burger was much too big for a little troll to handle so
here is a regular-sized burger with fried green tomatoes
Little changed from the day it opened in 1917, it is now famous for a hamburger "big as a hubcap," large, perfectly cooked onion rings, and home-made fried pies. This small town "hole in the wall" institution has been featured on television shows like Rachel Ray's "Tasty Travels" and the Travel Channel's "Man vs Food" and Food Network Magazine voted the Hubcap Burger as the "Best Burger in Arkansas."

Regular-sized burger with deliciously crisp onion rings

Old merchandise from the days of being a military commissary
still line the shelves.

There's plenty of old, dusty stock items providing interest for just
walking around and looking while you wait for your food

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crystal Bridges Museum

Crystal Bridges Museum
At the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. A beautiful building in a beautiful setting presenting some true American art treasures.

In the cafeteria for a cup of coffee

Strolling the beautiful museum grounds

Hiking one of the trails on the museum grounds

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Duck Dynasty

To celebrate the new season of Duck Dynasty which begins today (August 14, 2013):
Outside the Duck Dynasty warehouse/offices/store
in West Monroe, LA.

Warehouse dock where a number of scenes have been filmed.

Inside the store

Nice woodwork

Duck calls for sale in the store

Lil Dude Troll & his favorite redneck- Si!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Booger Hollow, Arkansas

Don't forget to count the coon dog!
 In Pope County on Scenic Arkansas Highway 7, Booger Hollow trading Post was built in 1961. It has been closed for a few years now, but in its heyday, it was quiet a tourist attraction. It consisted of the post itself, which featured hillbilly themed knick-knacks like corncob pipes, polished rocks, painted handsaws, hand-made quilts, and hand-carved walking sticks. It also sold hand-crafted items and goods like honey with a piece of the comb in the jar, sorghum, and lye soap. Items like the "Hillbilly Chicken Dinner" (a wooden box you opened to find only a piece of corn glued inside) and the "Hillbilly Lighter" (a wooden box which contained a match) were popular sellers. It also held a post office and sold fishing bait.

Next door to the post was a restaurant called The Chuckwagon which featured high-browed fair like the Boogerburger, the Boogerdog, ham sandwiches and frito chili pie. There was also a small store that sold cured hams. The main attraction though was the two story outhouse. The lower level was a real working outhouse, but the upper level was always closed with a sign on the front which said, "Upstairs closed until we figure out plummin."

Check out the full writeup on our sister site

The famous double-decker outhouse

Bygone times