Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Troll at Pensacola Beach, Florida

In the large parking lot adjacent to
the beach.
Pensacola, Florida is famous for being home to some of the world's whitest beaches, home to the first and one of the largest naval air stations in America, home to the Navy's Blue Angels, location of the National Naval Aviation Museum, one of the most visited tourist destinations, and for the attendant party and beach life that goes along with such a dynamic and youthful environment. With its short, mild winters and hot summers with plenty of sunshine, it is a popular year-round destination for humans and trolls alike!

Pensacola Beach & the waters of the Gulf of Mexico

Standing in the beautiful, almost impossibly white sand
of Pensacola

Relaxing and catching a few rays with the humans. Working
on that tan!

After a great day on the beach, it's time to head on
back to the hotel.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Alabama State Line

Lil Dude Troll at the Alabama state line
On their way to Florida, the Trolls had to go through Alabama.

Alabama - the 23rd most populous state in America, is unofficially named The Yellowhammer State due to that being the state bird. The state tree is the Longleaf Pine. It is believed the word Alabama came from the Choctaw language roughly meaning "plant gatherers" which was the name given by early native Americans to a tribe of people who lived in the upper region of what later became the state. These people grew a few crops and gathered grains and other plants as food rather than being nomadic hunters.

 And now the Trolls can say they've been in Alabama.

Streak Troll dares to defend his right to streak through Alabama!

Monday, February 10, 2014

McLarty Treasure Museum

At the entrance to the museum
The McLarty Treasure Museum in the Sebastian Inlet State Park on the east coast of Florida was dedicated on March 27, 1971. It was named in honor of the family that donated the property to the state. The Museum recounts the history of the ill-fated Spanish Plate Fleet of 1715 which was sunk in a hurricane along the sandy shores behind the museum. It includes artifacts and treasures raised from the successful efforts to recover the lost riches along Florida's Treasure Coast.

So far, millions of dollars worth of gold and silver ingots, coins, jewelry, precious stones, cannon and priceless historical treasures have been salvaged from the wrecks lying just a few hundred feet from the shore. No one knows how much still lies buried in the sand under the water's surface. Even today, for a lucky few, there is still found an occasional gold doubloon washed up on the beach.

Historical marker in front of the museum

Gold & silver coins, gold plate, jewelry, and other
recovered treasure from the sunken Spanish ship

Beautiful gold chain that was recovered

Model of the sunken Spanish treasure ship

Recovered cannon

Viewing where the treasure ships went down just a
few hundred yards off the beach

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mississippi Line

Lil Dude Troll visits Mississippi
 How did the Trolls learn to spell this state?

"M - eye - crooked letter - crooked letter - eye - crooked letter - crooked letter - eye -hump back - hump back - eye."

Streak Troll visits Mississippi