Monday, May 19, 2014

Devil's Rope

At the entrance to the Devil's Rope Museum
In McLean, Texas along famous Route 66 is an interesting, but little known museum where you can find out all you ever wanted to know and more about barbed wire - the Devil's Rope Museum. Housed in an old converted brassier factory, it contains the largest collection in the world of published material about barbed wire. It features exhibits and collections from private collectors from across the United States, salesman samples, barbed wire as it has been used in war, and an extensive library of patent information. The building also contains a small exhibit dedicated to the portion of Route 66 which crosses Texas.

You can touch many of the museum pieces, but Lil Dude Troll advises against it!

Tools of the trade

Barbed wire used in war

This is Bob Wore. Looks like he hasn't
been very careful handling Devil's Rope!
The Route 66 display includes a pretty realistic-looking
 diner scene.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Spinach Capital of the World

The large statue of Popeye in downtown
Crystal City
For 32 years, Crystal City, Texas, the self-proclaimed "Spinach Capital of the World" has held their annual Spinach Festival on the 2nd weekend in November. Lil Dude Troll hasn't made it to the festival yet, but he visited the town to see the statue of Popeye, one of his hero's, and now he is looking forward to coming back for the festival. No doubt fun will be had by all!

Yes, Lil Dude is in this picture.
Here's a hint - Popeye's feet.

Lil Dude dropped in on the good folks at the
Festival Assoc.

The very nice and friendly Elsa of the Festival Association.
They have all kinds of cool spinach-themed goodies.
Lil Dude especially liked the spinach can piggy bank!