Why This Blog?

Back when my job required extensive travel for business purposes, my young daughter always gave me one of her stuffed animals or a doll to keep me company while I was gone from home. She also said she wanted me to take them because they were her babies and she knew her daddy would always return safely to her to make sure she got them back. And I always did.

There was just one little problem. Her "babies" were always a little too big to easily pack in a suitcase and impossible in a briefcase. Wherever I went, I always took a picture of her baby in front of the hotel where I stayed or some well-known site and would send it via email to her while I was gone. She loved seeing the pictures, but the size of the babies always made my picture taking and walking around with them a little awkward. Cute when a child carries a freckle-faced baby doll with bright red hair, but grown men get a lot of strange looks when they carry one.

Eventually, we somehow came into possession of several trolls and now they have become our traveling companions. They are the perfect size to carry around in a briefcase or even in a pocket. And strangely, nobody looks at you funny when you pull one out and start taking pictures of it. Indeed, just the opposite happens - faces light up, smiles shine, conversations begin. It seems everyone likes trolls! So Katie & I started this blog to share the adventures of our trolls and hopefully, to bring a few smiles to people's faces. We hope you enjoy it!

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