Sunday, April 27, 2014

Model Bakery

There's not many smells Lil Dude Troll likes better than fresh baked bread. In the friendly town of Linton, North Dakota is the wonderful Model Bakery. Owned and operated by Mary Sautter Tschosik and her husband, the fresh hand-made bread, donuts, Cheese Buttons and pastries are scrumpdillyicious! If you are in Linton, you can't miss it - just let your nose follow that delightful smell down Broadway Street! Tell Mary Lil Dude Troll says, "Hi!"

Lil Dude gets a kiss from Mary cause Mary knows there's no
better way to ensure you score points than by kissing a cute troll!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Happy Easter everyone!

Bless all the dads who will be finding missed Easter eggs
while mowing the yard for the next few weeks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


In honor of the premier of the TV series, Fargo on April 15, 2014, Lil Dude visited the city of Fargo and the Welcome Center where there are numerous original Fargo movie props on display. Other than the bitterly cold winters, the dark comedy movie released in 1996 is probably most responsible for putting Fargo on the map. The most famous and, according to the Greeter at the Welcome Center, by far the most requested prop people want their picture taken with is the wood chipper. If you haven't seen the movie, that may not make sense to you, but if you have, then you know why!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh Canada!

At the U.S./Canadian border on a cold, overcast,
windy day during March.
What happens when Lil Dude Troll wants to visit our great neighbors to the north? They welcome him, of course! Even the border guards are happy to see him. Lil Dude, being the international traveler he is, has visited Canada on a number of occasions and proclaims near and far that the Canadian people are some of the friendliest, kindest, most considerate people in the world and their country is amazingly beautiful. Any time he has an opportunity to visit Canada, Lil Dude jumps at the chance to go.

A Mari Usque Ad Mare!

At the Canadian border station

One of the very professional, but friendly
Canadian Border Guards welcomes back Lil Dude
to Canada. These folks are very good, very thorough
and take their jobs seriously, but still manage
to be friendly, engaging and are excellent
ambassadors for their country.

Lil Dude in Canada. It's cold and windy, but he's
a happy Troll 'cause he's visiting a great country!