Monday, July 28, 2014

Streakr Troll In Wamego, Kansas

The Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas
Wamego, Kansas is a nice little town of about 4,300 residents. Named for a Potawatomi Indian chief, it is located at the intersection of Kansas Hwy 99 & U.S. Route 24. So what is Streakr Troll doing in Wamego? To see the Wizard of Oz Museum, of course!

Founded in 2004, the Wizard of Oz Museum contains over 25,000 artifacts related to the movie. Several other Oz-related business's have also established themselves and now the block long part of downtown is referred to as the "Oz Cluster."

Annually during the first weekend of October, Wamego hosts their Wizard of Oz Festival. Along with Oz-related displays and personal appearances by the descendants of the actors and crew who worked on the original movie, there are also hot-air balloon rides, food vendors, the Yellow Brick Road Bike Ride, and a live stage performance of The Wizard of Oz.
Toto's Tacoz! A good place to eat.

Years ago, Streakr's human father had the good fortune to work with and become friends with an older gentleman who had been Mickey Rooney's stunt double in several films and was one of the flying monkey's in the Wizard of Oz movie. He said when they were filming, it was just another movie and a paycheck to him. He also said it was very hot in the monkey suit. He was an interesting guy who lived an interesting life. Having passed on years ago, looking back, human daddy should have gotten his autograph!

Streakr on the Yellow Brick Road!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kansas - Hello, Goodbye

Notice hair blowing
The state of Kansas was named after a Native American tribe which lived in that area of the Midwestern United States. Supposedly, the name means "People of the wind." If so, as far as Little Dude Troll is concerned, it is one of the most appropriately named places in America. Having been in and through Kansas numerous times on the way to or from somewhere else, the wind has never NOT been blowing. There is a popular belief that Kansas is the flattest state in America. There is good reason for this belief. Geographical features not withstanding, Little Dude has always found Kansans to be friendly and he sure is appreciative of the food crops which come from this breadbasket state!
Notice hair still blowing. Bye-Bye Kansas.