Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sad Troll at Dallas' Dealey Plaza

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The place in downtown Dallas, Texas where it happened is called Dealey Plaza. Now, thousands of people drive right by the site every day. Some are reminded of what happened there on that terrible day over 50 years ago; many others don't give it a second thought; some don't even know the historical nature of what they are driving by.

Lil Dude Troll visited Dealey Plaza recently and was struck by the somber feeling, the air of sadness that pervades the site. Cars whiz by just a few feet away, driving over the exact spot where President Kennedy was shot, but on the grass, in the memorial structure, people speak in whispers and many just stop and stare, lost in thought. It is truly a sobering experience.

So strange to be standing just a few feet away from the spot
where President Kennedy lost his life and America lost
its leader.

Dealey Plaza & "The grassy knoll," right in front of the fence behind
which some people still insist there was a 2nd gunman.
Dealey Plaza looking back toward Dallas' "Old Red" courthouse

The School Book Depository building where the alleged sniper,
Lee Harvey Oswald, fired the fatal shots from the 6th floor window.

The building is now the Dallas County Administration Building. A very
interesting museum, the "Sixth Floor Museum," is located inside.


Monday, January 4, 2016

Troll At Rhoda's Famous Hot Tamales

Rundown it is, but there's good food and friendly folk inside
In the Arkansas Delta town of Lake Village is a true down-home eating establishment - Rhoda's Famous Hot Tamales. The name should be tamales, pies, catfish, burgers and soul food cause that's what the place is rightfully famous for.

Rhoda, the owner, and her son cook up some good home-cooked eats and have been doing it for a good long time. The place itself is a bit rundown, enough so that the uninitiated might be a bit scared to go in, but remember, small town cafe's don't stay in business unless the food is good and the owners are friendly. All are welcome here and you'll end up with a good meal and probably a good conversation with Rhoda herself!